Business Ethics

Business ethics almost always hits the headlines in the wake of scandals, but hardly ever when entrepreneurs and managers do good deeds. These are often met with a skepticism difficult to erradicate for, given the profit motive, such stories are just “too good to be true”. Why so? After a short introduction to the origins and development of business ethics, this course will present a more constructive approach based on the notion of “moral capital” or virtue. We shall also explain how the firm, through the proper ethical perspective, could actually be a potent force toward attaining the common good of society.



A. Introduction. Business Ethics. State of the Art

B. Developing Moral Capital:

  1. Understanding Labor
  2. Moral Capital and Leadership
  3. Actions
  4. Habits
  5. Character
  6. Lifestyle

C. The Nature of the Firm:

  1. A New Theory
  2. Governance and Common Good